It was a wonderful warm Friday morning as people started to assemble at Brisbane Square in the heart of the Brisbane CBD for the “Save our Koalas Rally”.  By about 11.30, a crowd of all ages and walks of life from all over SE Queensland and beyond with visitors from Noosa down to Lismore, had formed with all manner of banners and costumes.  It was just awesome to see.                      
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Even better to see were the ARROW members, family and friends, that made the effort to come along on the day for the rally.  Thank you to Kathryn Gow, Jenni Heraud, her sons Fynn and Kyle and her mum Lynne, Brett Bradley and his friend Jenni, Debbie Melville and her cousin Conny.  Also a big thank you to Ann Priestly for sending out emails, to rally our members and to remind us all to be there.


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Once the rally started moving and chanting we were surprised at how long our procession of supporters turned out to be.  We walked along George Street, up past King George Square and then looped back through the inner city guided by friendly police officers.  It was amazing to stop traffic for our cause and bring awareness to the lunchtime city workers, some of which were friendly enough to give us an encouraging wave, but sadly most onlookers seemed bewildered at what was going on.  Lots of cameras and film crews were present and footage was aired on the news that evening, so hopefully the wider community will be made further aware of the fight on our hands to save our koalas. 

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We completed our journey outside Parliament House where we assembled for a minutes silence for our lost koalas and then after a little while, a parliamentary representative greeted us and congratulated us on our passion for our koalas.  Let’s hope that our continued awareness raising and lobbying will soon be heard for the sake of our koalas and all that reside in their declining habitat.

Lee McMichael

The foggy morning set the scene for a rather eerie rail trail.
Setting up the marquee in the park was an interesting
exercise as the cool early morning fog reminded me more
of England rather than our beautiful Australian winter
mornings. Brett was particularly “rugged up to the
nines” having come up to help out the night before. After
all, he really is an expat Fernvalian!
“Team ARROW” lined up in Lowood dressed out in their
best regalia with Lee dressed in her homemade kangaroo
outfit with the most amazing tail while Nancy and
Sarah looked resplendent in their ARROW outfits bedecked
with stuffed Australian wildlife. What a sight to
behold! Then, to make the day even more memorable,
Lee won the fancy dress competition with her outfit.
Well done ladies!!
It was a great day, thanks to the many helpers. Not a
lot was sold as the day isn’t seen as a huge fundraiser
but the wildlife message was made available to the community.
Proof of that came the very next day when Jo
Public phoned with an injured animal and were so
pleased they had been given a Glovebox Guide at the
Fun Run and knew who to contact.

Clean Up Australia Day

Sunday  march 4th  Yawn! Ssttrrecchh! Oh No! Time to go!! It’s Clean Up Australia Day at the Twin Bridges outside of Fernvale at Wivenhoe Pocket.  Check: - Hat, sunscreen, gloves, water bottle.  We’re off!

What a funtastic day!  A.R.R.O.W. partnered Fernvale Lions Club and invited other members of the general community to join in to clean up the area around the Twin Bridges.  Twin Bridges is a popular natural section of the Mid Brisbane River which is widely used for recreational purposes.  It is also the home of our historic lung fish, platypus, molluscs, turtles, fish and habitat for koalas, birds, bandicoots and other native wildlife.

A.R.R.O.W. families were there in force and what a fantastic job they performed!  I am so proud to be associated with such wonderful environmentalists.
Clean up

Beer bottles and cans, fishing lines and hooks, plastic bait bags, tissues, disposable napkins, car exhaust system, tyres,  mattress, soft drink bottles, batteries, etc – nothing was left in the wake of the wonderful vacuum of volunteers!

Sadly, a tragic “find” was a very large fishing net full of dead fish, including our precious lung fish.  Lung fish have been on this earth for at least 350 million years. There were also two smaller nets found.  It is totally unbelievable to think that this environmental vandalism and illegal fishing is happening in this pristine fresh water area.  We try so hard to protect our native wildlife.

On a happier note, check out these wonderful photos and don’t forget to mark your diaries for next year’s, Clean Up Australia Day!

Clean up
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