24 Hour Emergency Service

0430 904 415











Committee Members

Caroline Bradley

Mike Thurlow

Treasurer & Secretary
Faylene Wright

Other committee members
Heather Thurlow

Species Co-ordinators

Possums / Gliders
Faye Wright

Caroline Bradley

Lee McMichael

Trish LeeHong

Snake Removalists

Our licence does not cover people to remove snakes so below are a few numbers to help you out.
Jeff Jacobs is with QPWS and will put you in touch with the snake removalist closest to you, his number is 0402 016 220
If you fail to make contact with him, the following numbers may help you out.
Please be aware that most removalists do charge a fee for a call out.

Esk: Patto Stemm, 0400 794 303

Fernvale: Rob Scully, 0429 984 061

Kensignton Grove: Gary Mudge, 0423 180 525

Ipswich: Jonathon Lucas, 0413 128 248
(aka 'Johno')

Toowoomba/Ipswich: Rob, 0429 984 220

Withcott: Richard Jarvis, 0419 010 972
07 4637 4250

And for those of you with access to the internet try the website below:

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